Pointer Sisters Queens Of The Disco!

So I was watching Donnie Brasco this week and happened to notice something I had never spotted before and that was the use 0f Pointer Sisters “Happiness” in the soundtrack used in the bar scene in Miami. the song itself is a classic piece of Disco funk which then got me thinking I should dedicate my whole post to the wonderful sisters this week.

The original group comprised of Bonnie, June, Anita and Ruth Pointer but became a trio when Bonnie decided to follow her own goals of achieving a solo career. Here is the first track I would like to draw your attention to and the one that gave me the idea to create this post.

Pointer Sisters – Happiness

I have strong intentions of someday sampling this song but for now I have no idea what to do with it so please enjoy it in its natural form before I destroy it haha.

I will now move onto another classic by the sisters which was released in 1985 and has been sampled by many artists. Here is the original video to “Dare Me” plus a link to the Mp3 I have also included Junior Jacks ” Stupid Disco” and Rico Tubbs “Dare” which both sampled this classic disco number.

Pointer Sisters – Dare Me

Now my personal favourite from the pointer family. I first came across this track while listening to Dj Scene’s 2080’s mix cd a couple of years back where he mashed Ciara and Missy with the Pointer Sisters “Automatic” and I instantly fell in love with the original. Released in 1983 this track was the follow up to the very successful release of 1982 Album “So Excited” here is the trio performing it live on Soul Train in 1984.

I don’t know how live this is but I will let you decide for yourself personally I don’t care because I think they look sexy as hell and I still think Destiny’s Child have a bit of work to do before they match these girls. Listen to the guitars and bassline in this number they are probably some of the funkiest in the 80’s. Heres a little treat!

Pointer Sisters – Automatic (Basement Jaxx Bootleg)

As I mentioned earlier Bonnie one of the 2 earliest sisters in the group decided to break away to follow a solo career and here is a little favourite of mine from Bonnie!

Bonnie Pointer – Heaven Must Have Sent You

I will leave you with this lovely edit made by the amazing French man Pilooski. Pilooski released this re-edit of “Send Him Back” as part of his 2007 album “Dirty Edits Vol.1” which achieved great underground success. I have also included the video with the original track and you can hear the clear differences. Enjoy!

Pointer Sisters – Send Him Back (Pilooski Re-Edit)

Hail one of the Royal Families of Disco!



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3 Responses to “Pointer Sisters Queens Of The Disco!”

  1. The Gentlemen Says:

    ❤ the pointer sisters. happiness is probably their best track.

  2. fondu tones Says:

    thumbs up all over the shop here.

  3. 4tothefloor Says:

    Fun fact: Dare Me was also sampled in The Phantom’s Revenge “I Can’t Loose” and Patrick Alavi “Goldbass”

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