Phil Kieran

Phil Kieran is and probably always will be one of my favourite producers and DJs. The Belfast bred electronica extraordinaire has had me sweating on the dance floor, bouncing about my room, frustrating my family with unnecessary amounts of volume and got me through some of the most amazing/horrible public transport journeys ever. Making his mark at the famous club ‘Shine’ sharing the stage with the biggest producers and DJ’s around the globe, Phil has moved on to have huge success. With numerous EP’s and 12″s, an essential mix back in 2007, a live session on Annie Mac’s show, two albums; one with his hard hitting band Alloy Mental and his second – a solo artist album called ‘SHH’ released on mega label Cocoon. Phil Kieran is definitely a name any electronic music enthusiast should take note of.

Phil’s output is so extremely exceptional that it’s really not a matter of picking out the best of his tracks, each of them deserves the recognition, time and listeners ears to fall upon in order to fully understand and appreciate just how fantastic they are. But since I can’t just put a whole back catalogue of songs up for you all to enjoy, here are some of my favourites that have just made the mark above the others by the length of a hair.

First up, one from Phil’s first album with his band : Alloy Mental – God Is Green

The first time I heard this track I was completely taken with it. It has a raw power to send you pouncing across any dancfloor. A smile always pops across my face anytime I hear it out or when it shows itself up on my itunes shuffle.

Next up a track from his first solo album, it was really hard to pick one song on it’s own, the album differentiates an awful lot but flows with ease and takes the listener on a journey through techno, with hints of idm, dub  reggae and lots of 90’s electronica but this one I find is a real easy listener and should strike a chord with almost anyone. Phil Kieran – Don’t Look Far Away

Last but not least here’s a bonus track that was presented for free download on Phil’s website, a little bit more forceful than his album ‘SHH’ but without a doubt a complete stomper of a track, enjoy 🙂

Phil Kieran – Again & Again (mediafire)

I highly recommend SHH to anyone I find who has decent taste in electronic music. It really is such a fantastic album that will surely have you coming back to listen again. You’ll find it online for digital download and hardcopy CD. The CD package itself is amazingly designed, I wish I had a larger print for my wall!

Phil’s next release is the remix edition of SHH which will be available for digital sale on April 12th on Cocoon records. Previews for the package can be heard from here:  Phil Kieran – SHH Remixed

Thanks for reading! Keep Dancing 🙂



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