The Mysterious Mr Dlugosch

I’ve decided this week to write a small piece on the fantastic Boris Dlugosch because he’s just generally brilliant. I will start with some earlier releases from him and work my way up until the present. What many people may not know is that Boris is actually one of the partners in record label Peppermint Jam and has released alongside Mousse T. Boris was also part of the Happy Hardcore scene in Germany in his earlier years as a Dj and Producer and had his first release as Subtle Houzze called “Controversy” alongside Gary D on Hamburg Label Container Records. Unfortunately I have not been able to get any sound clips but at least you know where he started off!
Between 1992 and 1995 Boris Released material as Altered States and Deep Course but it was in 1996 that he released the deep house classic “Keep Pushin” Feat. Inaya Day & Mousse T under the alias Booom!.

The bass line in this is wicked and solidified Dlugosch’ presence as an excellent electronic producer. Booom! Followed up they’re first release as a collective with a second piece of brilliance in 1997 with the track “Hold Your Head Up High” this track could still get thrown down in a club today and get a brilliant response the drum structure is absolutely outstanding and Inaya Day’s vocal is a piece of greatness.

Booom! – Hold Your Head High (Original Mix)

Boris followed up this work with a side project he worked on alongside Michi Lange called B.M.R which put out a release in 1998 called “Check It Out” Which You can hear below. It is clear from listening to this that Boris was angling towards funkier filter style house music which I’m sure is what led him to work on remixes for Daft Punk and Moloko which I have also shared with you below.

The remix for Moloko was released in 1999 and after the commercial success of the record it appeared the best idea for all included was that Roisin Murphy should now record alongside Boris and Michi on a B.M.R record. This beautiful partnership created the fantastic piece of house music “Never Enough” which showed the groups strong ability to make some more forward thinking electronic house music with nice big airy pads and great percussive drums.

“Never Enough” was released in 2001 along with another release the same year from B.M.R called “Starchild”. This was followed by a 4 year hiatus until his next release Feat. Tommie Sunshine which was a big Techno release which I’m not a personal fan of but I will share with you none the less.

Although it says on the video Tommie Sunshine remix this is actually the original and was released on the 17th of October 2005 on Systematic Germany and featured remixes from Tommie Sunshine, Marc Romboy and Olaf Pozgay. The later 2 remixes are very good go check em out on Juno.

Les Visiteurs@Juno

This was followed by yet another 4 year Hiatus from the mighty Dlugosch until his epic return which I think goes without saying was nothing short of brilliant I think everyone knows what I’m talking about. Anyway this is what really has my jumping around at the minute his excellent remix of Boys Noize “Sweet Light”.

Please don’t dissapear for another 4 years you are an inspiration to young Dj’s and Producers everywhere with your slick bass lines amazing drum patterns and epic breakdowns.

Boris Dlugosch In The Mix @ N-Joy Germany



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