Oliver Huntemann

Summarising can be a complicated task when it concerns someone who has achieved so much, especially whenever that person is someone who you greatly admire. Oliver Huntemann for me is one of those people. Music producer extraodinaire, Huntemann has been at the forefront of the techno scene for years. His tracks have helped shaped how people perceive what techno music is today on a monumental scale. So before we get into the music, it’s almost obligatory that we know a little about the man himself.

Huntemann was raised in Northern Germany, where from an early age took a strong passion for contemporary music. Growing up, Oliver was exposed to rap, graffiti and breakdance along with superstars Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Along with films like Beat Street and Wild Style aroused his curiosity with regard to breakdancing and DJ’ing which enthralled him to start spinning vinyl in public at the tender age of 14. Fast forward a few years and you would then see Mr. Huntemann training with Electronic Engineering whilst studying with the German Navy. At which point he was hosting Acid House events in his home town. It was at these early acid events that Huntemann became aquainted with Gerret Frerichs. The fateful meeting led to the creation of the Humate Project along with the release of Huntemann’s first releases ‘Chrome’ and ‘Love Stimulation’.

It was in the following years that Huntemann really began to shine. Venturing out on his own under the H-Man moniker, Oliver became a producing machine having releases on Cocoon, Gigolo Records, Datapunk all whilst setting up his own label Confused Recordings. Not to mention collaborating with the likes of Dubifre, Stephan Bodzin and doing remixes for people like Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and Cirez D. The list goes on and the tracks just get bigger and better.

My love for Huntemann’s music is infallible. A genuine producer with a strong passion for what he does that shows in each of his productions. Like I said before, it’s hard to write about someone when they’re a person that you greatly admire, so now that I’ve talked about the man himself I’m not going to talk about his music, my humble ramblings wouldn’t be enough to justify, so all you have to do is listen 🙂 This is Oliver Huntemann – Enjoy.

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire – Dios

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin Remix)

Oliver Huntemann – Femme Fatal

And here are a few of my favourite tracks for download too, all are at a 160kbps, so if you want to bare witness to power that is techno, I strongly suggest that you buy them!

Oliver Huntemann – Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix) – Mediafire Link

Oliver Huntemann – Scary Love (Featuring Chelonis R. Jones) – Mediafire Link

Extrawelt – Trummerfeld (Oliver Huntemann Remix) – Mediafire Link

Until next month – Keep Dancing 🙂



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