Sugarland Records

Sugarland Records is one of my favourite labels for house music. Unfortunately it’s now defunct, but it was brilliant while it lasted! Started by German DJ and producer Ben Delay in the spring of 2002, Sugarland saw releases from the likes of Patrick Alavi, Dave Armstrong and Mike 303 before shutting down in 2006. The label also spawned 5 sublabels; Poolboy, Teleplanet, Techtone, Gelée Royale and Culptia.

Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my favourites from the label. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂

Mike 303 – Sunshine (Ben Delay’s Sugarland Remix)
Patrick Alavi presents Basstard Slayerz – Goldbass
The Adjuster & The End – Movieboxxed
Dave Armstrong – Makin’ Me Hot
Ben Delay – Find Yourself

Most of Sugarland Records’ output is on iTunes and Beatport, so if you like these, I suggest you head over there and download the lot if you want it in high quality!

Till next month,

AY! x


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