Apparat, or Sascha Ring as he is known to his family and friends, is a german born electronic musician and producer. If you have not heard of his name and you enjoy listening to music, then this post is very relevant to your interests! There is a wealth of information about Sascha scattered all over the internet, a quick google search will introduce you to how amazing he is and how fantastic his music has become. So much in fact that it’s bewildering to know where to start. For me it started with a magnificent pairing known as Moderat. The brainchild and combination of Apparat and Modeselektor. I know for those of who you know and adore Apparat would not have started here, but for me stumbling on Moderat’s album was something very special. And all it took was for one track to have me hooked. Addicted. Obsessed. See if it has the same effect on you 🙂

After putting the headphones down after a month of constant listening, I decided that this wasn’t enough. Wallet full I went out on a shear Apparat binge, buying everything I could with his name on it. There’s so much music in his back catalogue that is unbelievable amazing. The composition, the glitch beats right down to the earthly soft sounding synths. It’s a wonderful experience to behold, and that is not an exaggeration! With that in mind I dare you to start to listen. Find a starting point of your own and explore the world of Sascha Ring 🙂 It is one amazing musical adventure that I guarantee you will enjoy. Mine ended somewhere around his album Walls 🙂 with the amazing track Fractales Pt 1. If you need somewhere to start, I suggest you start here:

Apparat – Fractales Pt 1 [mediafire]

Until next month 🙂



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