Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison A.K.A. Juno Leed A.K.A FlyLo A.K.A. Flying Lotus is a monster of a producer. Crafting eccentric beats on top of insane riffs with enough finesse to blast your mind into a secondary state of consciousness. Hailing from California the prodigy came to light in 2006 with his debut LP 1983. An album so difficult to pigeon hole that it left Steven with the perfectly fitting title; ‘Multi-Genred Artist’. Listening through 1983 it’s hard to pin point the tracks that stand out as the soundscape of the album leads you on a journey. Each track feeding off the other leading onto something new and magical, through hints of ambience, electronica, hip-hop and jazz it is all beautifully crafted and blended into what can only be described as a subtle masterpiece.

Flying Lotus – Bad Actors & Orbit Brazil

Being picked up by Warp, Flying Lotus was left to swarm. Collaborating with the likes of Jose James and Thom Yorke, remixing artists Mr. Oizo, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nelly Furtato. Not to mention releasing 7 EPs and 3 albums of his own. The latest of which released earlier this year, the aptly titled Cosmogramma.

Dense, multi-layered and subtly orchestral to the point that Ellison has dubbed it a “space opera”. Rife with flying oscillators, synths, beats and drum machines. Yet still manages to keep that trademark Flying Lotus sound. Another album, another journey, another masterpiece. Flying Lotus is one of those artists that rarely fails to impress. His ability to smash through rule of genre confined music to be able to produce something so fresh, beautiful and complex is astounding.

I urge you all to listen 🙂

Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous (Flying Lotus Remix) (Feat. Timbaland) [MF]

Mr. Oizo – $tunt$ (Flying Lotus Remix) [MF]

Flying Lotus – Table Tennis – Cosmograma [MF]

Robocat 🙂


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