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Although these days I mainly play and listen to various forms of dance music, there is still only one act who’s albums I will buy without reading a review or listening in advance. People Under The Stairs have long been my favourite hip hop group, and have now produced 7 albums of consistently great music.

Hailing from Los Angeles, this pair of MC/Producers are steeped in the beat digging culture of hip hop, a fact reflected in their record sleeves – smartly aping the sleeves of old jazz and soul albums, with in depth write-ups on the back in the style of these old 12″s. Their first album “The Next Step” was a sleeper hit, initially being sold at gigs and on the street before getting a proper release. One of the biggest tracks was “San Francisco Knights”, which had the unintended consequence of making many not realise their LA roots.

The sample-laden beats typified the sound that the PUTS would make their name with. After the success of this first LP, Om Recordings signed them up, and soon after their 2nd LP “Question In The Form Of An Answer” arrived. It cemented their position in the independent hip hop scene, and again showcased their superb vinyl collections. My personal favourite from the collection is “The Cat”, which earned a single release.

People Under The Stairs – The Cat

By their 3rd album, the PUTS were really hitting their stride, and O.S.T. includes some of their best tracks. Their fanbase grew steadily over the course of these early albums, and as a result they ended up hitting the road more and more, developing into one of the a very good live act. Standout cuts for include Keepin It Live, The Outrage, The Joyride (with its equally brilliant and bizarre drugs/country & western sampled intro) and the disco influenced Hang Loose.

People Under The Stairs – The Hang Loose

Brucey Bonus #1 – The Hang Loose Instrumental

The biggest hit from O.S.T. was probably Acid Raindrops

The EP “Or Stay Tuned” followed, and then a brief hiatus in which they worked on solo projects and alongside other artists. This included one of their best pieces, and something that any English listeners will surely love – DJ Yoda’s “Quid Control”.

DJ Yoda ft People Under The Stairs – Quid Control

Brucey Anglophile Bonus – Chicken Kebab

After this brief period away from the limelight, the PUTS returned in 2006 with what is my personal favourite from their albums, “Stepfather”. Containing some frankly brilliant hip hop, to me this cemented their position as the totem-bearers for boom-bap hip hop in the 21st Century. Balancing itself superbly between light hearted fun, heart felt odes to family, hip hop tributes and more, “Stepfather” is just an excellent album.

People Under The Stairs – Days Like These

Since this artistic peak, they have actually released two first class albums – Fun DMC and Carried Away.

Here is an edit I did of Step Bacc using a Derrick Carter remix of Samim’s “The Lick”

Brucey Bootleg Bonus – The Lick (Santero\’s PUTS Edit)

And here’s a few video clips of selected highlights from the two albums.

And probably my favourite video of the last few years, “Trippin At The Disco”

And in the course of researching a few bits for this blog post, I stumbled across something that I didn’t expect….

As well as something I had heard on CD before but didn’t realise existed on video


While I’ve got your attention, just thought I’d share this podcast from the good people at Oscillate Wildly. The mighty Tomb Crew are at the controls, which always means it is going to be worth listening to, and judging from the first 2 editions it is a podcast worth keeping an eye on.



The XX – Shelter (C.R.S.T Remix)
Cooly G – Dis Boy (DVA High Emotions Remix)
C.R.S.T – Mighty Music (Mistamen Remix)
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Perempay ‘N’ Dee’s Soulful Mix)
Steve Gurley – Walk On By
Frank Rizardo – Cordoba
French Fries – Charlotte
Lil Silva – Pulse Vs Flex
Greenmoney Ft Mz Bratt – Who’s Green Money (Mele Remix)
Headhunter & Invisible – Luvdup
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Blood Pressure (Dub)
Mistamen – Ashanting
Breach – Fatherless
Roska – Squark
James Blake – CMYK




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