Ramble John Krohn

Hey yall, apologies for missing my post last month but I was very busy with all sorts going on. Anyway I been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to redeem myself and then it came to me. This month I have decided to focus my post on one of my all time favourite producers RJD2 who makes remarkable music both sample based and original.

I was introduced to RJ through skateboarding when I heard one of his songs used in what I recall was a Habitat Skateboard Video (I Could be wrong) anyway I thought this song was pure genious, the guitars the drums and the horns all roll so smooth which led me to then discover Deadringer the album.

Deadringer released in 2002 on Definitive Jux Records was RJ’s first album release and what a debut it was. From start to finish the whole thing is a masterpiece comprised of brilliantly constructed samples and perfect production techniques. I think my favourite track off the album would have to be “Smoke and Mirrors” which you can hear below. I have also added video’s of the samples used to construct this magical piece of work.

Vocal Sample

Vocal Sample

Drums @ 2:27

Thats Real creative sampling!

RJ’s next album “Since We Last Spoke” was another corker with alot more original material though yet again it was his fabulous reinventive sampling that in my opinion created the masterpiece of the album “1976”.

I think this album might also have been my first proper introduction to electronica and with gems like “Iced Lightning” its no surprise I instantly became hooked. The track itself includes nice broken beat drums beautifully played piano keys and dramatically sequenced synth patterns.

although alot of people reckon RJ started moving toward the more rock influenced side of things with his second album it was his third album where he really welded hip hop and rock music in a perfect manor. Now when I say Hip Hop with rock I’m not talking limp bizkit here or stinkin park proper hip hop production techniques and skills meeting with guitars and blue grass southern sounds is what I’m talking about and you can hear it right “Here and Now”

The Third hand was composed by RJ who played alot of the instruments on it himself.

We now move on to RJ’s latest work which by the way guys there is a remix competition on for it the minute check it here RJD2 Remix Competition

Mr Krohn’s latest album came in January of this year. The Colossus in my opinion is reminisent of the beatles and Zepplin with catchy tracks like “The Glow” and “Walk With Me” While “Let There Be Horns” incapsules that RJD2 sound that led me to fall in love with his work in the first place.

I hope everyone has enjoyed learning about this very special Hip Hop Dj and producer and I hope you all go and dig out more of his rare stuff.

Heres a wee early mix from the man himself for you all to download and listen to.

RJD2 – Your Face Or Your Kneecaps Mix

  1. “Jim Ingram – Black Woman” – 2:38
  2. “The Nite Liters – Tanga Boo Gonk” – 1:22
  3. “Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again Naturally / Wild Style Dialogue – Zorro & Fab 5 Freddy” – 0:41
  4. “Unknown” – 0:09
  5. “Timmy Thomas – Sexy Woman” – 0:16
  6. “Donny Hathaway – Magnificent Sanctuary Band / The Barons – Makin’ It Better” – 1:03
  7. “Oliver Sain – St Louis Breakdown” – 0:37
  8. “Hot Ice Company – I Got The Love You Need” – 0:43
  9. “Unknown” – 0:41
  10. “Syl Johnson – Concrete Reservation” – 0:11
  11. “Albert King – I’ll Play The Blues For You” – 0:28
  12. “Jethro Tull – Cross Eyed Mary / Volume 10 – Pistol Grip Pump” – 1:41
  13. “Different Strokes – Sing A Simple Song / Ike & Tina Turner – Bold Soul Sister / Sly & The Family Stone – Sing A Simple Song / Charles Earland – Sing A Simple Song” – 1:28
  14. “Southside Movement – I’ve Been Watching You” – 1:22
  15. “Lighthouse – The Love Of A Woman” – 1:20
  16. “RJD2 – ? / Double Trouble – Stoop Rap (from Wild Style OST)” – 2:23
  17. “Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band – Giggin Down 103rd” – 0:29
  18. “King Curtis – Sweet Inspiration / ? ” – 1:50
  19. “Monk Higgins – Gotta Be Funky” – 0:21
  20. “Eddy Senay – Aint No Sunshine” – 0:31
  21. “Charles Whitehead – Between The Lines” – 1:10
  22. “African Music Machine – Mr. Brown” – 0:31
  23. “Soul Tornadoes – Bobby’s Mood” – 0:41
  24. “Cold Blood – Baby I Love You” – 0:48
  25. “Ben Vereen – I’ll Keep My Light In My Window” – 0:10
  26. “Allen Toussaint – Worldwide” – 0:31
  27. “Steve Colt – Dynamite” – 1:26
  28. “Rare Earth – (I Know) I’m Losing You” – 0:12
  29. “Toddlin Town Sounds – It’s Your Thing” – 0:29
  30. “Ray Bryant – Up Above The Rock” – 0:48
  31. “Eric & The Vikings – Get Off The Streets Y’all” – 1:14
  32. “Jimmy Castor Bunch – Bad” – 1:00
  33. “Soul Severes – I Got It” – 1:24
  34. “James Brown – The Drunk” – 0:36
  35. “Sisters and Brothers – Jed Clampett” – 2:09
  36. “RJD2 – Let The Good Times Roll Part II / Mr. C & Funck Junction – Hot Butter ‘n All” – 3:22
  37. “RJD2 – Let The Good Times Roll Part I / Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader (a cappella)” – 2:33
  38. “RJD2 – Rain” – 5:41
  39. “RJD2 – Find You Out” – 5:02

Hope you all like.



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