Krafty King Of The Breaks!

As I am doing a set alongside the legendary Krafty Kuts this saturday night I have decided to share some classic material and a little background info about the man himself! As a young Dj shopping for records my earliest recollection of Krafty Kuts was seeing the Finger Lickin imprint in local record shops although he did not have many releases with the label it was his collaboration with A-Skillz which initially brought my attention to this great producer.

I recall very well playing this record to death back in my hip hop days.

This record led me to discover earlier material from Krafty and to start following his output in the future which to this day is still consistently brilliant. Here is a little ditty from earlier in Krafty’s career released on Southern Fried records “Gimme The Funk” samples Kurtis Blow “The Breaks”

Krafty Kuts went on to release his first full length album “Freak Show” on his own imprint Against the Grain records in 2006 this seen more collaborations from the likes of Scratch Perverts, Dynamite MC, Ashley Slater and the legendary Tim Deluxe who helped to give the album its biggest hit in the form of “Bass Phenomenon”. Being a fan of Krafty Kuts and Tim Deluxe I can remember seeing this before I heard it and was instantly excited. The bassline grinds hard and the percussion will have you bouncing. The synth are very funky yet there is still something very dark yet very uplifting about this record.

Recently Krafty Kuts has been touring the festival circuit and has been preparing a new show with long time pal A-Skillz which will hit the road sometime around September. He has also invented this Krafty little app for iPhone users where you simply plug the phone into your mixer and you can drop added effects into your sets.

Krafty Kuts iPhone App

Apoligies for the shortness of my post this month but I need to go practise my set for tomorrow night can’t have this dude showing me up heres what I have to compete with.

Krafty Kuts Live @Klub K4 31/1/2009



One Response to “Krafty King Of The Breaks!”

  1. Attack Yourself! Says:

    I remember seeing the video for Bass Phenomenon on MTV Dance years ago when I was off school sick one day! Thank you for reminding me of this tune!

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