Style Of Eye

Think the title of this post says it all! I first discovered Style of Eye in early 2008 when a friend sent me a link to “clown” to listen to I immediately fell in love with the bouncy style of tech house that I was hearing. Since this first introduction to Style of Eye the swede has grown remixing some of the top names in the industry releasing on the biggest labels and touring the globe.

Although this was my first introduction to the now super producer he had been releasing records for many years before. One of his earliest releases was “Gioco” which came out on Classic Records in 2004 from this you can hear that his production style has’nt changed a great deal over the years the sound has just become more popular with the moving times of dance music. The Bass has that distorted bounce that you hear on so many records now like the Riva Starr remix of Martin Brothers Steel Drum and the drums have so much percussion and depth that you just get sucked in!

One of my more recent favourites from Style Of Eye was a remix he made a couple of months ago for Progressive House outfit MVSEVM which was released on Discobelle records. The remix transformed the song into a fun club track but it would also sit well in any circus don’t ask me why thats what it reminds me of!

So after years of releasing records and stripping other peoples tracks for parts and then reworking them Style Of Eye has established a name for himself as one of the biggest names in the business and one that we will be seeing for many years to come hopefully and with his most recent releases on Fools Gold and Horehaus I don’t see a dip in form happening any time soon. Don’t believe me take a listen for yourself and enjoy this sneaky edit he did of Fake Blood “Mars”.

Fake Blood – Mars (Style Of Eye’s Edit To Debit Remix)
Sorry once again guys for the lack of post from me last month hope this makes up for it.



One Response to “Style Of Eye”

  1. Rowley Says:

    Love style of eye only been listening to him for a couple months. Antidote is a chooon

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