What is 4tothefloor?

4tothefloor is a music blog run by four DJ/producers; Attack Yourself!, Robo/Cat, Santero and Bobby Analog. We post every Friday on rotation.

1st Friday of every month – Attack Yourself!

2nd Friday – Robo/Cat

3rd Friday – Santero

4th Friday – Bobby Analog


What kind of music do you post here?

We post a wide variety of music on the blog. It’s mainly an electronic music blog, but it’s not unusual to see us posting rock, indie, hip hop, disco, pop… all manner of things.


Why are the tracks posted in a lower bitrate?

The tracks we post are in a lower bitrate out of respect for the artists that make them. We post music for download on the blog to introduce you to new music, and not simply as an alternative to paying for it. If you enjoy the music we post here, we strongly recommend that you buy it, and maybe get yourself down to a live show! The mp3s we post will be no higher than 160kbps (unless the artist in question is unsigned and/or the music is free anyway, in which case we may post in a higher bitrate).


I’m a musician, can I send you my demos?

Of course! You can send your demos to us via email or via our Soundcloud DropBoxes.

Send Attack Yourself! your track

Send Robo/Cat your track

Send Santero your track

Send Bobby Analog your track


I have another query, how can I contact you?

Attack Yourself! – Email/Facebook/Twitter

Robo/Cat – Email/Facebook/Twitter

Santero – Email/Facebook/Twitter

Bobby Analog – Email/Facebook/Twitter


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