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All About Me

August 20, 2010

This time around, I’m choosing a pretty vague subject to do my posting about – my favourite songs over the years. There’s a simple reason – I’m ludicrously busy with work and then I’m going to New York for a week, and so I haven’t got time to put any real thought into a themed post! So I am just going to post some personal classics that have been in my crate over the years!

Where to start? Well, I guess it would make sense to start with the first 12″ record I ever owned, 808 State’s Extended Pleasures of Dance EP, gifted to me by an older sibling. This included the absolutely massive Cubik and Cobra Bora.

Around the same time I discovered Ice T, and became a huge fan of the Iceberg LP, which in truth hasn’t aged all that well, regardless of brilliant an MC he was.

The one track that leaps out for me as having stood the test of time is You Played Yourself – jocking the James Brown “The Boss” sample, and one of those tracks that I learnt the lyrics to so thoroughly as a kid that I doubt I’ll ever forget them.

Ice T – You Played Yourself

Then followed a period where I was into angsty lyrics and loud distorted guitars, generally referred to as Being A Teenager. My absolute favourite in this time was Hüsker Dü, closely followed by Pixies, who incidentally famously cited Hüsker Dü when originally advertising for band members (“Wanted; musicians into Peter, Paul & Mary & Hüsker Dü”.

Later, when I first bought my 1210’s I took a trip to the sadly defunct Selectadisc records and bought 6 D&B tracks, one of which was Intense – Positive Notions, On LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records

It wasn’t long before I was into much heavier D&B, my favourite track in that period was probably this beauty, from Grooverider’s Prototype Records…

Ed Rush – Locust

Around this time I also became fixated on DJ Hype, and inparticular the fact that he was pretty much the only D&B DJ at the time to make a feature in his sets of scratching.

From here I got into buying battle records, and from the beats on these rediscovered my passion for hip hop.

One of the artists that I got most heavily into around this time was Dee-Jay Punk Roc, with his muddle of hip hop, big beat, house, Miami bass and more. These two MP3s are easily the 2 tracks of his that saw the most use, and were conveniently on the same 12″

Dee-Jay Punk Roc – Far Out

Dee-Jay Punk Roc – My Beatbox (Les Rhythmes Digitales Remix)

When I started one of my favourite nights I’ve ever been involved with, Thursdays at The Market Bar, one track stands over all others as a staple of my sets there – DJ Shadow’s Organ Donor.

DJ Shadow – Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)

Hip hop ruled my DJ life for the following few years, but what this taught me was the links between different genres, and to open my mind musically in a way that I hadn’t been prepared to while into D&B. I realised virtually anything can be good if you take 2 copies and the best 3 seconds and loop it yourself on the decks. But gradually I moved more and more back towards the dance music that I had started my vinyl journey on.

I’m going to leave it here with few of my favourite dance tracks of the last few years, and look forward to seeing you all next month.

Jesse Rose – It\’s So

Chris Korda – Save The Planet, Kill Yourself

Daniele Papini – Church Of Nonsense

Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau! (Noob Remix)

James Harcourt – Call/Response

James Flavour – Da Ride (Jimpster Remix)

John Arnold & Ty – Style & Pattern

And finally, a cheeky plug for my forthcoming EP on Sugarbeat



Nish, Clish, Bang

March 19, 2010

After an 80s predominantly spent listening to fairly standard issue pre-teen pop, the late 80s and early 90s brought a very different musical world into my life. The main reason for this was the advent of Madchester, aided and abetted by close family ties to the city. A father working at Manchester Met with art students, and a brother studying at Manchester Uni meant that I was exposed to all the best that the city had to offer from a very early age.

Happy Mondays – Wrote For Luck (The Vince Clarke Mix)

My favourites were Happy Mondays. I loved them, and loved their insane record sleeves. I loved the fact that Shaun Ryder sounded absolutely demented, and that you then listened to his lyrics and realised he probably was demented. I loved their loping rhythms, and I loved their proto-dance remixes. Of course, most of all I loved Bez. Everyone loved Bez. The song that I was probably most obsessed by at this point was Wrote For Luck, and specifically the Vince Clarke (née Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure) remix.

After the Happy Mondays, my next favourite was the Inspiral Carpets, now most famous for turning down Noel Gallagher as lead singer when he was roadie for them, but for a few years a genuinely major force on the British music scene. Something which looking back seems a bit weird, as their music has probably aged the worst out of the major player on the Madchester scene. They do have a couple of gems though, and they will always have a place in my heart for their unbelievably popular “Cool as Fuck” T-shirts (rumour has it they sold more of these than all their album sales combined). The G-Mex gig where a marching band came on during “She Comes In The Fall” was a highpoint of the scene, even if now it seems like nothing.

The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored

A band who have stood the test of time slightly better is the one and only Stone Roses. Possibly the greatest British album ever made, their debut is an absolute masterpiece, even if they have never really got close to its heights before or since, save for the Fool’s Gold EP. Everything about them from their early years is legendary, for the “Stone Roses” grafiti around Manchester before they achieved fame, to their notorious appearance on the Late Show, to the Woodstock for the baggy generation, Spike Island. My oldest brother was lucky enough to go, and apparently it was as shit as the rumours suggest, but everyone was so wasted that it didn’t really matter. Indeed, that day inspired the song “Sorted for E’s and Whizz” by Pulp, which ironically came out the year Pulp filled in for The Stone Roses at Glastonbury. For me, the song that bests sums up the majesty, arrogance and genius of The Stone Roses is “I Wanna Be Adored”.

808 State – Cübik

On my 13th birthday I received my first ever 12″ record of my own, and what a record – 808 State’s Extended Pleasures Of Dance. An absolutely amazing trio of songs, for me Cübik was the absolute pinnacle of what I imagined anyone could achieve for a good few years. To my eternal shame I have never really explored 808 State’s catalogue apart from the obvious songs, and constantly keep it as something I’ll do soon, as opposed to something I’m doing.

But finally, the documentary that I stumbled across this week which inspired this blog posting. I remember recording this way back when, and watching it with my 3 brothers over and over, to the point where even now we have in-jokes harking back to it. Its absolutely amazing, in so many different ways, both good and bad. Marvel at the “fashion”. Wonder at what a cock James “media dick” Brown is. Be amazed by arguably the greatest rapper ever, MC Tunes. But this is a gem of a programme, and something that really brings back such vivid memories of when I was first stepping into the wide world of music, when “indie” actually meant something when you applied it to music. Enjoy.